Build a strong and healthy local community by supporting nonprofit organizations which create a lasting impact in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region.
Guidance: Generally our support will not exceed three years except in those cases where we perceive the organization is making a significant difference.


Areas of Interest

Primary Focus


Enhance the educational process at all levels with a focus in early childhood, elementary, middle and high school students.  Specific emphasis is in arts education, after school programming, day care services, educational clubs, mentorship programming, reading initiatives and STEM initiatives.  The foundation also supports post-secondary education, though this is secondary.  Specific emphasis is in educational / workforce programming at community colleges.


Community / Economic Development
Invest in programs and projects that improve the quality of the communities the foundation supports.  Specific emphasis is in building restoration, residential housing, business development and civic / youth engagement.


Secondary Focus


Support the development of programs for the arts within local communities.  The foundation does not support one-time or annual events, like festivals


Assist and encourage programs for the disabled allowing them to strive for success no matter what obstacles they may face.  The foundation does not support national groups.


Support the welfare of animals within local communities.  Primary focus is on operations, enhancements and capital campaigns with humane societies.


Geographic Focus
Wood, Ritchie, Doddridge, Pleasants and Jackson County in West Virginia